Free Workshops at Liverpool Business Fair

A programme of inspiring and informative free business workshops and seminars to support and grow your business will be running on the day.

To give you an idea of the type of sessions that take place, we have listed below the workshops that were scheduled for the 2020 event.  Obviously this event had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

2021 Workshops

Our workshop schedule for the 2021 event will be announced shortly.


9.30am: Get your Business visible on Google

Google Digital Garage

We’re pleased to be partnering with Google Digital Garage to provide this free hour long training workshop, which is ideal for anyone who wants to get their business more visible online.


Learn how to increase your visibility to reach more people online. Discover what search is and create a listing for your business on Google Maps. You’ll learn how to use the Google My Business platform to manage your business presence on Google.

The Google Digital Garage provides free online and in-person digital skills training to individuals and businesses in the UK to help people find a job, grow their skills, careers or businesses.

11.30am: Keynote Session – What it really means to go digital

Jon Mahoney – Head of Digital Advocacy, Bottomline Technologies

We hear about ‘digital transformation’ every day, but what does it really mean to even the most non-tech of businesses?


In this session, Jon will discuss:

· The new normal: What does the landscape look like for businesses in early stages of growth?

· The ‘no thanks’ economy: The customer is still always right, however…

· Digital cashflow: What does the consumerisation of payments mean for small businesses today?

· Alternative approaches: Understand how new technology can generate competitive advantage.

With over 15 years’ experience in payments and financial technology – as a software engineer, then Head of User Experience and now digital strategist – Jon offers an insightful view on the rapidly-changing world that businesses of all sizes can thrive in.

12.30pm: What would Klopp do? The 7 principles that have put Liverpool on top of the world and can do the same for your business

Andy Guile, Master Coach & Trainer, Ask Andy Guile at New Directions

You don’t have to be a red to appreciate the current success at Liverpool and today we will explore the principles behind it and how we can transfer it to your business.


In this session Andy will cover:

· 7 principles for team success

· Tool for leadership and building high performance

· Tool to learn about self discipline and control

· 7 principles for project management / key focus

Andy is a Master Coach and trainer helping business owners create happy, wealthy, & productive workplaces by providing sales, business networking, mind set training & coaching.

1.30pm: Build your business with better writing: powerful tips

Barry Dunstall, Professional Business Writer and Corporate Blogger

From your website to your marketing e-mails, and from magazine articles to press releases, strong writing can revolutionise your business.

And yet so many companies miss out on the incredible and lucrative opportunities you can secure with top-class corporate writing.

Barry Dunstall-Speaker-Liverpool-Business-Fair

In a session packed with practical tips and advice, learn how to win more business, drive more traffic to your website, raise your profile and enhance your reputation.

Barry Dunstall will share expert insights from his years of experience as a professional writer, journalist, editor, publisher and corporate blogger.

You’ll go away inspired by this unique session. The opportunities are out there; learn how to make the most of them.

Barry is a professional business writer, with extensive experience writing about many subjects – from architecture to aviation, from health to housing, from accountancy to law, and from travel to technology and beyond.

In a career lasting over 20 years, Barry’s CV includes publishing and editing magazines as a journalist in the UK and US as well as wide-ranging, senior-level public relations work.